See the latest Yukulele’s from Kala Brand Music Co.

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Kala Brand Music Co.’s first range of U.S. made ukuleles will make their debut appearance at the January NAMM show. Kala’s EliteTM U.S. ukulele line are all hand built at the Kala custom shop in Petaluma, California. The Elite line will initially consist of three series of instruments, all available in soprano, concert and tenor sizes for a total offering of nine models.

Specifications include all solid Hawaiian Koa, Honduras Mahogany neck, ebony and rosewood fingerboards and bridges, bone nut and saddle, custom inlays and appointments, engineered intonation for precise tuning, hand tuned tops and bracing for optimal tone and volume.

The fingerboard spacing of 1.5” is wider than most ukuleles which increases the string spacing to give the fingers more room to maneuver. All models are strung with Kala Fluorocarbon strings.

According to Michael Upton, Kala President, “people are asking for a U.S. made step-up ukulele and there really aren’t a lot of them available, so we see a real opportunity for expanding the Kala high end offerings. The look, sound, and intonation are a cut above anything else we’ve ever done, we’re in control of the entire process” Kala has developed most of its own tooling and consulted with many of Hawaii’s foremost ukulele experts during the evolution of the Kala Elite series.

The Kala Elite series is part of an expansion of Kala’s USA manufacturing operation which began in 2011 with the production of Kala’s California U-BASSTM series. In 2014 Kala added U-BASS acoustic-electrics as well as koa and maple shell banjo ukuleles to its Petaluma CA based production.

Established in 2005, Kala Brand Music Co. will mark its 10th anniversary in 2015. Kala offers over 200 models of Ukulele, the Kala U-BASS, Kala Guitars, and an extensive line of ukulele and U-BASS accessories. Kala Brand Music Co. also distributes Aquila Strings.